Significant Historical Event that Occurred Between 1945 and 2008

Significant Historical Event that Occurred Between 1945 and 2008 Essay example
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9/11 is Major Event in Modern World History Introduction The terrorist attack on America in 11 September 2011 had a “dramatic impact on the American consciousness” (Colebatch, 2002, p. 581). For this characteristic alone, 11 September 2011 or 9/11 deserves to be considered as a major event between 1945 and 2008 as the dramatic impact involved a major country of the world.


That the event continues to be memorable is also indicated in the work of Persbacher (2005). According to Persbacher (2005), the events of 9/11 are even in the consciousness of the religious who made the event as a point for personal and theological reflections. Five years after 9/11, Persbacher (2005, p. 96) noted that religious groups reflected on the event and expressed that “religious faith affects reactions to horrific events” and that “horrific events affect religious faith” as well. Some of the more important events immediately after 9/11 had been recorded by the Migration Policy Institute. On 17 September 2001, the Immigration and Naturalization Service increased from 24 to 48 hours the length of time a non-citizen can be detained without charges (Migration Policy Institute, 2003). On 19 September 2011, Attorney General John Ascroft presented to President George Bush the administration’s proposed anti-terrorist measures (Migration Policy Institute, 2003). At least 480 persons were arrested by the end of September 2011 for various charges related to the 9/11 bombings and the figure increased to 1,000 around October (Migration Policy Institute, 2003). On 1 October 2011, President George W. ...
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