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Man on the Moon Real or Hoax

However, along with this arose innumerous numbers of controversies regarding the legitimacy of the claim. Various theorists and scholars claimed that the entire plot was hoax, and a considerable proportion of people claimed that the whole chapter was genuine.
On February 15, 2001, the FOX television network broadcasted the program named Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon? The program provided considerable amount of evidence to show that NASA cheated the world by faking moon landings. In We Never Went to the Moon: America’s Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle, Bill Kaysing pointed out that it is irrational to believe that the landing on moon actually took place because according to estimates in late 1950s, the possibility of successfully landing on the moon was just 0.0017%, that is, approximately 1 in 60,000; and in fact, this estimate was done by the Rocketdyne Company that took into account the efficacy of technology that existed at that point of time (7-8).
Another serious allegation comes from Ralph Rene, the author of NASA Mooned America. He points out that all American missions before Apollo 11 were detected to have multiple numbers of defects. The scholar points out that the earlier projects had so many technical errors that would have forced American to drop the idea of moon landings and to fake it instead (as cited in Eisen, 378). Similar is the allegation that the poor quality of the images of moon landings is a deliberate effort to prevent others from examining them. Still, the photos available were sufficient to initiate controversy. For example, the pictures presented the astronaut saluting the American flag, and unfortunately, the flag was waving as if in a wind. The point in consideration here is the fact that there is no air or wind on the moon.
Yet another major allegation came that when a camera was fitted to the astronaut’s chest, how would this be possible to take such excellent photographs that ...
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Though the functions it was capable of doing were in doubt, the project had very serious impact throughout the world, especially on US…
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