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According to Safina, the Albatross, as represented by Amelia perceives the oceans as a familiar territory, through which they navigate in long distances, in search of food. Contrary to this, the human perception of the oceans in an unfamiliar territory, whose size they only…


A sharp contrast also exists between the perception of sea usage by the Albatross and the Humans. While the Albatross uses the sea as their lifetime habitat, obtain food and shelter from the seas and oceans, the human usage of the sea is quite different. They use the seas to obtain gifts, though piracy, where they capture and terrorize other humans in order to achieve their goals, goals to enrich themselves from the properties and at the expense of others (Mancke, 225). While the Humans perceive the Albatross, as a burden to them, similarly is the Amelia’s perception of human, as a burden to the albatross, they capture them and other sea birds, and then slaughter them for food, sports, or feathers. Any interaction of Humans and the Albatross is of a destructive nature, where the humans capture and kills the birds while taking their eggs, thus threatening their survival. Humans use the hooking lines to capture and kill the Albatrosses for their food.
The perception of the sea differs between the Albatrosses and the Humans, in that Humans perceive the sea as a trash bin where they can dispose all their wastes. This in turn affects the life of the sea birds by polluting their habitats and eventually causing them inhabitable and poisonous. This further risks the lives of the sea birds and threatens their survival (Safina, 151). While the Albatrosses uses the sea to survive and thrive, owing to it being their habitable environment, Human have always perceived and used the seas and the oceans as a territory through which to exercise their power, eventually controlling the other humans. The Europeans used the sea and the oceans to exercise their powers and eventually colonized the Africans and the Asians (Mancke, 227). The comparison between Amelia and the human perception of the sea is that both utilize it for one goal, surviving and thriving. The proletarians, the poor, and ...
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