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Principlies of Humanities - Essay Example

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It was used by all races in form of early songs, dance and instruments primarily as a means of entertainment, celebrating an event or even communicating a message.
In most parts of Africa for example, singing and dancing was a social…

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Principlies of Humanities

Jubal, the seventh descendant of Adam was the father of them that play upon the harp and the organs (Renehan 2).
Music falls into the natural subdivisions of Uncivilized, Semi-civilized or Civilized depending on the people it is associated with. Uncivilized music is primitive in form and exists among races that have not reached the point of artistic organization (Pratt 18). Semi-civilized music falls into two distinct groups, one for people existing now for example, Chinese and Hindus and the other for ancient people for example, Hebrews and Egyptians both of whose music has a real system not relating to our own (Pratt 19). Civilized music falls into three groups marked by centuries namely, Greek and Roman, Mediaeval and Modern music (Pratt 19).
This paper covers the song “Amazing Grace” by English poet turned Clergyman, John Newton. Although born to a religious mother, Newton always abandoned the Christian faith in pursuit of his own interests. At some time in his life, he commanded an English slave ship that he owned and would supply for slave trade. The song dates back to a time between 1760 and 1770 composed in Olney. Newton wrote it after experiencing a tumultuous life in slavery and brutal abuse that led to his conversion. Unpredictable events in his life included, the early death of his mother, adolescent passions, seizure by naval press gang, servitude in Africa, disaster and deliverance at sea, tales of whippings and sudden deaths, climatic religious conversion, romance, an epileptic fit, unemployment, a succession of job opportunities, failed attempts to enter the ministry and so on (Hindmarsh 2).After his experience he got to believe in God and sought Him.
The song was originally a poem with its basis derived from works of the New Testament in the Bible. The first verse for example, is derived from the parable of the prodigal son. “‘My son, you are always with me, and everything I have is yours. But we had to celebrate ...
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