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Term Paper example - A comparison of the perspectives of the Lost Boys of Sudan with the "typical American" perspectives on certain political concepts.

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Term Paper
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One of the major factors is cultural background. Other factors are environment, age, social orientation, place of origin, sex and many others. As we understand, there is a very big difference…

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In most cases, the president, who is the head of government, is required to take responsibility. The Lost Boys of Sudan, being in a foreign country, do not perceive this as the purpose of the government. Back in their country, their government assisted their neighboring communities, the Baqqara, in attacking and destroying their village (Hecht 20). Due to such things that their government back in Sudan used to do, they cannot perceive as the purpose of a government to provide security to its citizens.
Back in Sudan, they were ruled by the Sharia Laws, which were not made by government (Hecht 19). These makes the Sudanese not to perceive that it is the purpose of government to make laws and ensure that good policies are put in place to ensure proper governing of its citizens. Americans on the other hand understands this very well. They understand their rights and thus require that the government does not infringe on any of them while making policies and laws (Lasser 70). They perceive that it is the purpose of the government to ensure that the laws it makes are not cruel to a certain group of the community.
Several injustices have been done to these Lost Boys of Sudan by the Sudanese government. Their government was encouraging their neighbors to do injustice to them. As a result, these Sudanese do not perceive as the purpose of government to ensure Justice for all. According to Hecht (20) back in their early time in Sudan, their neighboring community took their possessions and their government did nothing about that. Americans through understanding of their legal system and how their judicially works are very vigilant about their rights. They perceive that it is the purpose of the judicial arm of their government to ensure that any injustice done to them is punished.
The Lost Boys of Sudan perceive that they do not have power to control their political nature. Back in Sudan, they did not have the power to decide who they wanted to lead them. This ...
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