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Essay example - Aids: US obligation to third world countries and how that relates to the manufacturing of generic drugs vs US pharmaceutical companies

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Despite billions of dollars are being spent on AIDS drug development every year, acquired immune deficiency syndrome or simply AIDS still remains to be the deadliest disease of the 21st century. Since an effective drug is yet to be developed for treating this fatal disease,…

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Naturally, government needs to raise huge funds to promote such programs. However, third world countries do not have sufficient money to spend on the intervention and prevention activities. Hence, economically and industrially developed countries, especially the United States have a moral obligation to fight AIDS in third world countries. This paper will specifically discuss to what extent the US has obligation to third world countries in fighting AIDS and how this commitment relates to manufacturing of generic drugs by US pharmaceutical companies.
Reports indicate that poorly developed countries including Zimbabwe, Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania, Namibia, Mozambique, Malawi, Lesotho, Botswana, and South Africa have a higher prevalence rate of AIDS. World’s top 19 countries with highest prevalence of AIDS belong to Africa. In South Africa alone, there are over 5 million people living with the disease and the country is ranked as the largest population of HIV infected. While assessing the initiatives taken by African countries to curb the prevalence of AIDS, it seems that none of them was either thoughtfully structured or effectively implemented. The failure of African countries in fighting AIDS can be directly attributed to their weaker economic status. As scholars point out, since “Africa is the world’s poorest inhabited continent” the countries in this continent cannot heavily invest in public welfare funds (Prabhakar). This situation indicates that the dominance of AIDS is likely to increase in African countries over the coming years.
Since AIDS is an avoidable disease, its prevalence in African countries as well as other third world countries can be reduced considerably if those countries get financial assistance from industrially developed overseas nations. Therefore, the United States, the largest national economy in the world, has a moral obligation (but not ...
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