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Essay example - What was the Space Race? Why was it seen as so important at the time? What did it accomplish? Why doesn’t it seem so important today?

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It became a huge battle between the two blocks for space exploration supremacy. USSR, in her quest for supremacy built her first exploration…

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Basically space race was a product of two blocks whose political ideologies differed and supremacy in the field of space exploration was all the more important1.
Space race became a new battle ground between the communist east and the capitalist west. This race therefore was so important for both sides. It showed which political ideology was better and definitely which one was going to win popularity. Many countries subscribed to communism while others stuck with capitalism. For the US, the pride of achieving a super power tag was looming and this was very important then and even in subsequent years. Technological skill was all the more important during this s time and a huge amount of money was spent in making such skills work. The US benefited from this race in many ways communication satellites were installed I the space and thus it became almost evident, everything was looking up communication wise2. The announcement of Neil Armstrong landing on space meant the US were being looked up to by many developing countries, this ensured supremacy just in case the world was in for another war. This supremacy, later played a big role in the formation of UN, where the US controlled major decisions for they were already being perceived as the super powers. Generally for the US Space race confirmed the end of communism an important fete in their history. American societies felt secured for capitalism appeared the right political ideology besides technological abilities being achieved to a greater extent3.
The Russians on the other hand also got a lot of subscription from countries that thought communism was the best. Russians built their own space exploration machine named sputnik which made her get recognition from all over the world and instilled fear in her rivals most notably the US. This achievement gave the Russians a formidable image and eventually her reputation was held in high regard. Communication became ...
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