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Should nationalism be discouraged?" Substantiate your answer with facts and examples. - Essay Example

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It has been widely been used to describe the different attitudes that people develop and happen to care of their national identities. Nationalism has also been actively…

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Should nationalism be discouraged?" Substantiate your answer with facts and examples.

In this view an individual’s claim to being a citizen of a nation may be considered as either voluntary or as involuntary (D’Anieri 48). In terms of our self-determination, the concepts of nationalism do raise questions as to whether these concepts must be comprehended as requiring an individual to acquire full citizenship with absolute authority over any domestic or international affairs. These nationalism concepts also raise questions concerning whether an individual may require satisfying lesser requirements in order to exercise absolute forms of nationalism. With reference to the above facts, the concept of nationalism should therefore be encouraged.
The concepts of nationalism have previously been used by different people who have mainly been unsatisfied by the inconsistencies that exist between the social orders of their people and their identification with a country’s traditional identity (D’Anieri 119). Such a situation normally results in anomie, a situation that requires the intervention of nationalists for efficient resolutions to the people’s problems (D’Anieri 125). In such situations, the societies have had to reinterpreting their identities while eliminating those elements that are perceived as being unacceptable for the major reason of reunifying their communities. For example, in the 18th century, the concepts of nationalism brought about the French revolution when the French citizens decided to begin pushing for ethnic equality and popular sovereignties. Another good example of an instance where nationalism has led to the self determination aimed at ensuring popular sovereignty occurred during the American Revolution (D’Anieri 122). The Cuban Revolution that was led by former leader, Fidel Castro is another example of an instance where the forces of nationalism encouraged the people’s self-determination that was aimed at ousting the government of Fulgencio Batista. His government, which was backed by the unpopular ...
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