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Essay example - Economic Freedom in Industrial Society:

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The Gilded Age is one of the major periods of massive growth which influenced millions from the European continent. During that era,…

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ge of American industrial revolution was also considered as the major strain among those who increasingly argued regarding the freedom of industrialization. Moreover, it has also been stated that the Gilded Age also observed various restrictions of individual liberty regarding diverse civic rights (Foner, “Give Me Liberty! An American History, Third Edition”).
The paper intends to briefly discuss about the ‘Social Problem’ and various deliberations that had taken place among the various groups of people with respect to the different understandings of economic freedom. The discussion of this paper will be focused on different Social Darwinists, Supreme Court, People’s Party, Middle Class Reformers and Labor Movement during the Gilded Age of great American industrial revolution.
According to the various observations throughout the American industrial revolution, it was often mentioned regarding the Gilded Age that it was changing or transformational phase in the US economic revolution when the financial growth of the United States jumped over the Great Britain due to its rapid growth of industrialization. The country was rapidly developing its financial condition into a new and stable position through an effective growth on the front of industrial sectors, coal mining as well as railroads. The era was highly focused on industrialization, laissez-faire capitalism as well as there was no income tax with regard to commencing any trade operations (Debbie Twyman and Craig Whitney, “Social Darwinism and American Laissez-faire Capitalism”; Foner, “Give Me Liberty! An American History, Third Edition”).
According to American scholar William Graham Sumner, it has been identified that a few number of millionaires were influential in carrying forward the social progression by passing on their financial capabilities to their upcoming generations. The scholar has also argued that the continual domination of those few industrialists and their repeated supremacy ...
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