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Christianity triumphed in the Roman Empire following the unity that Christians exhibited. The religion remained open to new converts, thereby giving it the potential to grow and expand in numbers. At the same time, the influence of Christianity was significantly being felt across the empire and beyond. As a result, Christianity became integrated in the Roman Empire.
Judaism, Greek philosophy, and Hellenistic mystery religions influenced early Christianity in one way or another (Marshall 132). They gave Christianity an aspect of organization, growth, and development, given the fact that they preceded the start of Christianity. The values they stood for also shaped Christianity. Morals that had been previously ignored by sects and prior religions were accounted for by Christianity.
Christianity moved swiftly to embrace virtues across all its teachings, and so did Greco-Roman humanism. In some instances, flaws were overlooked in both contexts, although the extent to which the flaws were overlooked differed. On the same note, new ideas were influenced by just a few individuals who stood out over the rest. However, the practices of both Christianity and Greco-Roman humanism were based on different beliefs (Marshall ...
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His impact on Jews and the Christian fraternity was purely based on the role he played in the society and the activities he engaged in, not forgetting his subsequent works in that line…
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