Assess the arguments for and against democracy promotion activities.

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Democracy has become a popular word in society. The process of achieving democracy involves several steps. Many states are in the race towards democracy. Rakner, Menocal, and Fritz, (2007:6) offer a…


This paper will assess the views of different authors concerning democracy and the democratization process.
Carothers describes the western and American model. The western model is a developmental approach whose target is the attaining of equality and a level of justice. According to this model, democratization involves several multiple factors that have a relationship. Democratization involves iterative changes that take place over time. Democratization is favorable for states that need to achieve long-term socioeconomic and political goals (Tilly, 2000:10). This model emphasizes on the value of good governance and existence of a properly functioning state (Carothers, 2007:13).
The United States model of democratization is rather political. This form of democratization emphasizes on a political struggle of democrats seeking dominance over non-democrats. Political parties have a crucial place in this model. This models aims at gaining political liberties. In this process, institutions receive a lot of attention with democrats ensuring there is a level of democracy in political parties, elections, and institutions that fight for civil rights. This model has been the guideline of the United States struggled for democracy over the years. The nations politics consists of democrats fighting non –democrats and implementation of policies that favor the existing institutions. In its promotion of democracy, the United States urges other nation to adopt this model. The Bush regime of the United States made efforts of promoting this type of democratization (Bunnel and Calvert, 2005:434).
In most of the cases, these two models usually overlap. Carothers gives the illustration of Canada; a country that had focused on the developmental model, but is recently making advances into the political model through the promotion of institutions. Carothers presents a guideline that ...
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