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The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act 2002 in Canada

The act replaced the Immigration Act of 1976 based on the need to eliminate discrimination and include refugees in the provisions of the act. The great depression, the ageing Canadian population, low levels of immigrants and economic benefits of immigrants are among the key reasons leading to the development of the act (Arakelian, 2008, pp.67-68). The transformation of the act to the new immigration and refugee protection act stems from the need to stamp out discrimination, encourage population growth and the need for skilled workers. The act has contributed immensely to economic development of Canada as well as promoting population growth and its use should be continuously supported (Beach, Green, & Reitz, 2003, p.167). This paper is going to look at the historical background of the act in terms of its development and values and ideologies that guide the legislation. It will provide statistics and global trends contributing to the act as well as other researches that have been done and which support and are in contrary of the will then conduct a critical analysis of the legislation in terms of how well it serves the population, its strengths and any gaps that exist in service before finishing off with a conclusion that will provide a summary of what was discussed.
Historical Background
The first immigration act was passed in 1869 and this marked the foundation of Canada’s immigration policy. It was an open policy kind of act that had very few restrictions as who could immigrate to Canada. Criminals, disabled, ill people and the poor were restricted from entering Canada at this time. ...
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The Canadian society has witnessed a continued transformation in terms of legal structures and mechanisms aimed at making the nation better. The Immigration and refugee protection act 2002 is one of those legislations and which is the center for discussion in this paper. …
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