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News Media

$1.7 million this according to the writers was to help fight the proposed rules that would tighten the security requirements for the chemical facilities. Other donors mentioned, Chevron Texaco, Aegon and Goldman Sachs which gave in excess of $8 million which were critical of spending and federal regulation.
These donors were not made public according to the report since the Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit making organization. The advertising money was spent to criticize the Obama administration and influence Congressional elections that were coming up that fall. The chamber of commerce according to fillings of corporate foundations indicates that the chamber has relied on small collections from big corporate donors to finance its legislative and political activities. The chamber is opposed to legislation that would require organizations like it to make public all those who contribute money to their campaigning adverts.
The chamber received $10 million from health insurance anonymously for the purpose of opposing President Obama’s health care policy. The chamber has increasingly in recent time taken more aggressive role in elections supporting Republicans 90% of the time. Making affiliates local chambers to accuse it of being too partisan. The organization in 2003 according to the writers had a budget of $130 million and in that particular year (2010) a budget of $200 million to spend. In that particular year the chamber together with its affiliates allocated $144 million on lobbying. According to the writers this makes the chamber the biggest lobbyist group in the United States.
The authors view as expressed in the article is that Republican Party is buying their way into political posts using the largest lobbyist group doing their bidding. It is important to note the article was the headline of the New York Times at a time the congressional elections were just about to take place. It is clear according to the authors that money from interest groups is ...
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The title of the publication was “Top Corporations Aid U.S. Chamber of Commerce Campaign”. The writers Lipton et al (2010) point to the fact that the…
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