The United States should intervene in the Syrian Civil War to overthrow the Assad regime. - Essay Example

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The United States should intervene in the Syrian Civil War to overthrow the Assad regime.

ed out not to be the case because, despite its repressive nature, the Assad government still has a lot of support from the military as well as some of the Syrian population.
This is the reason why the United States is duty bound to intervene in this conflict on the side of the rebels and overthrow this regime to end it. It is estimated that more than sixty thousand Syrians have lost their lives since the beginning of the conflict and such a high number of deaths is not reasonable. This number of deaths for the sake of a few men holding on to power is unacceptable and the United States, as the defender of democracy, should lead the way in overthrowing them (Friedman).
Syria is one of the countries of the Middle East whose stability and strategic position is essential for the maintenance of stability in the region. The conflict that is currently going on in this country is likely to destabilize the region due to the influx of refugees from Syria to its neighbors as well as the spilling over of the conflict to such volatile countries as Lebanon. In order to prevent such an occurrence in a region where it has many interests, it is essential for the United States to intervene this early in the conflict to establish stability.
The promotion of democracy has always been one of the reasons why the United States has seen fit to intervene in the affairs of other states. In this case, Syria should not be an exception mainly because its government has for the last fifty years, been among the most repressive in the world. It is only logical for the United States to intervene because this opportunity promotes its democratic ideals to a part of the world that has until recently, experienced little of it (Friedman).
Among the most important reasons for the intervention of the United States in Syria is to ensure that a government, which is friendly to the West, is put in place. The Assad regime has proven itself to be against the strategic interests of the United States and its ...
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The Syrian conflict began at the same time as the Arab Spring in the Middle East, and it came about because of the protests against the repressive regime of Bashar al-Assad. The violent government crackdown on the protesters created a situation where the protesters became more…
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