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David cole interviews Dr. Franciszek Piper + David cole on the Phil Donahue Show - Essay Example

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In the first half of July, Anne Frank and her family decided to go into hiding in a house that eventually also hid other four Dutch Jews that included Hermann, Peter van Pels, Auguste and Fritz Pfeffer. They lived for an approximated two years in a secret house attic behind an…

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David cole interviews Dr. Franciszek Piper + David cole on the Phil Donahue Show

However, Anne and Margot (her sister) changed course to Bergen-Belsen as they were young individuals and had a lot of energy necessary for labor duties in the context of Gestapo (Hanna 56).
After the arrival of Eli Wiesel and his father to Birkenau Camp, they received orders of assignment to a barrack located the Gypsy Camp. They were miraculously spared death just as they were about to step into the flaming fires that would eventually kill them. The Germans were afraid of the Soviet Union troops and they could not stand a chance against them and they could not also have the time to organize the captives. So it was up to the individual to make up his or her own mind.
The design of the gas chamber was very distinct and it shows that its sole intention was to ferry something on a stretcher into the raving fire ignited by the gas. It is impossible to define what really went into the chamber and the lower section of the chamber there is a slot for adding firewood. The Nazis as we know them were a brutal community that did not feel mercy and it is obvious that they designed the machine to deal with the traitors. It was a permanent structure due to the heaviness of the material used in the construction mainly metal. I think the chimney was meant to let the smoke into the air as burning human remains have a really bad and awful smell.
The interview was an interesting revelation into the past lives of those that found themselves caught in the crossfire of the warring countries. The interview shed a lot of light on the experiences that the people had to go through and bear with the harsh and brutal tyrannies of the Nazis and it provided some form of clarity into the issues that were somehow controversial. I think the interview was indeed educative and promoted comparative studies into documented historical and chronological data into events that unfolded during these ...
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