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The United States should on hold on its sanctions against Iran, until the moment Iran will show willingness of cooperating with the Security Council to stop its nuclear program. In case Iran shows such willingness, the U.S. should make efforts to influence it towards cooperating…


What’s more, this can be seen as an improvement from the 1981’s scenario whereby Israel attempted to set back Iraq’s nuclear program by bombing its nuclear reactor – such a process is very risky as it can cause massive loss of lives.1
Although Iran has, on different occasion, promised to cooperate - it has kept reneging on promises by embarking on uncompromising positions, which has been a major stumbling block. Once, a report by the IAEA director general revealed that Iran’s cooperation with inspectors has been erratic. In most cases, Iran argues that its nuclear program is developed as a source of energy, but it is very easy to read foul play from its pronouncements. It is Iran’s frustrating actions that have forced the United States to harden its stance, for example, by requesting the board of the International Atomic Energy Agency to stop issuing warnings to Iran and instead refer its nuclear program to the Security Council. As such, these desperate measures by the United States are understandable because, if action is not taken, Iran is likely to drive the world into a very compromising position in the future, consideration that it does not seem to cooperate any soon.2
Actually, the U.S. administration should heighten its campaign to push Iran to abandon its nuclear program.3 Furthermore, even the report by the American 007 agents supports that Iran’s nuclear program has not been peaceful. According to this report, it is not clear what Iran is currently planning, which implies that it could be planning to manufacture weapons of mass destruction. In view of this, this report proves untrue the allegation by past negotiators that the problem facing Iran originates from disregard to give the accurate information to the IAEA instead of an arranged disguise. As confirmed by this report, the Iran’s nuclear program could have led to production of dangerous weapons, only that this ...
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