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Australian Foreign and Defencce Policy TOPIC: How Should Australia Respond to the Rise of China? - Speech or Presentation Example

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Australian Foreign and Defencce Policy TOPIC: How Should Australia Respond to the Rise of China?

Context We are going to explicate the Australian strategic discussion’s intellectual development on matters of regional security, basing on the historical and cultural influences of the nation. It is important that the country prepares well, by taking seriously the issue of the possibility of an extensive and major international war as a major disturbance in our lifetimes; that is not because it is not avoidable, nor should its possibility be made greater via self-fulfilling alarmism (Anthony, 2008, p.46). Consequences The possibility of a Third World war might not be apparent, but this does not rule out completely the possibility of a battle between America and its allies, and China. That is why it is important that all measures possible are taken to ensure that the situation is contained by taming China. China’s emergence, as has been argued by popular strategic thinkers of Australia, does not reach comfortably into the deepest precincts of the joint Australian intuitive or subconscious like no other historical occurrence since the year 1942 has (Emerson, 2001, p.87). ...
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Background Strategic and tactical rivalry between China and the United States is already evident in Asia. However, Australian strategists, in this framework, are not any longer wondering whether extensive or major regional war is a probability in the future years, but are discussing how the country should be prepared for combat and under what conditions should the nation join conflict…
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