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Review of Arguing the Just War in Islam - Book Report/Review Example

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Review of Arguing the Just War in Islam

Lately, the Islamic militants have used Jihad as an umbrella to collect Muslims and to organize offensive activities against the non-Muslims. They have tried to justify their actions as per the Sharia, but the author makes an effort to study the Islamic laws and make clear the parameters or conditions which calls for this act. The book is divided into six main chapters. Furthermore, the application of the concepts by the author will be discussed and compared with other theories. Arguments made in each chapter are discussed in detail as under; 2. Sources The author argues that Islam has not been understood clearly by all and different people interpret it as per their own thinking and mentality. The word Islam means submission to God and to follow His teachings. The instructions as per Quran are to do good and in reward achieve heaven, whereas hell in case of bad. Prophet Muhammad was born in Arab and in the initial phase of Islam fought few wars to protect the newly established religion. He inculcated teachings of piety and the fear of God for those who did wrong. The Kaba (cube) at Mecca was chosen as a pilgrimage site and the area was claimed to be for Islam only. The Kaba was under control of non-Muslims and diplomacy was tried. But the city was liberated after a military campaign by the Prophet Muhammad. After Mecca, Muhammad wrote letters to states beyond Arab, inviting them to accept Islam. These were aimed to take rulers out of ignorance and spread teachings of Islam to the people. After Muhammad, the religion spread to Palestine, Turkey, Egypt and some portion of Iraq by military campaigns under his successors Abu Bakr and Umar. The campaigns were based to spread the influence of Islam in regions outside the Arab. 3. Sharia Reasoning After the spread of Islam beyond Arab, it had philosophers and great scientists. The scholars wrote many books on manners and everyday etiquettes. The Sharia or simply Islamic law was made as per the teachings of Quran and Prophet Muhammad. Scholars were well aware of the teachings and judged people as per the law. Quran was read after every prayer and everyone was aware of the instructions of God. The third Caliph after Abu Bakr and Umar was Uthman. He was assassinated by a group of Muslims. He was followed by Ali, who could not negotiate with this group. After Ali, Muslims were divided into group and a generation later, two main sects Shia and Sunni emerged. The Sunnis controlled area of Syria, whereas, the Shias controlled Iraq. The sects divided the understanding of Sharia among Muslims. Furthermore, as Islam expanded to regions where the native language was not Arabic, the Sharia was confined to few who knew the language and were themselves not united on the understanding of the laws as per Quran and Sunna. The laws which are not in Quran and Sunnah are to be decided by mutual consensus. The Quran has always been in its original form and unchanged. It was compiled at the time of Prophet Muhammad, whereas the Sunna was not compiled in any definite form. Different scholars gathered and compiled the Sunna after gathering information and varifying it from different sources. The Sharia law was therefore, compiled and implemented firmly by the twelfth century. It was made to guide people and make them follow the right path as intended by God. People were judged by this ...Show more


Name Professor Class 8 April 2012 Book Review – Arguing the Just War in Islam 1. Introduction The book by John Kelsay reviews Islamic concept of fighting for religion or Jihad. The author tires to study Islamic sources that lay the basis for Islamic laws known as the Sharia…
Author : schadennicolett
Book Review of Arguing the Just War in Islam
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