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Middle Ages to the Enlightenment - Essay Example

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Middle Ages to the Enlightenment

Almost entire Europe had been Christianized as the 11th century reached its end. The High Medieval Era is called as medieval society’s flowering because of the intellectual renaissance that took place in the 12th century because philosophers like Thomas Aquinas and Pierre Abelard as well as because of the establishment of many universities and knowledge centers in Oxford, Bologna, and Paris (Snell, 2014). Some of the most magnificent stone castle-buildings and cathedrals found in Europe to date were built in this period. What is known as feudalism in the present age got established in many parts of Europe including Britain. Other industries and fields that flourished included but were not limited to production and trade of the luxury goods, and crops. Europe had reached the apogee of cultural richness and economy at the end of the 13th century but was also about to see its downturn. The medieval world transformed into the early modern world by the end of the Middle Ages. Some cataclysmic events of the 14th century are the Black Death, the Italian Renaissance, and the Avignon Papacy. Shakespeare literature flourished during the 16th century and the 17th century witnessed the Great Fire of London. Corporation characterized the high medieval society. A new regard grew for the individual’s value with the sowing of the seeds of human rights in the society.
Many significant changes took place in terms of the evolution of knowledge from the Middle Ages through the Age of Enlightenment till the 19th century. The Age of Enlightenment started in Europe and spread to the colonies in America. The Age of Enlightenment opposed intolerance and superstition in addition to opposing cases of power abuse by the church and the state. The history of knowledge is apparently considered to have reached a growth period in the intellectual interchange thus causing a scientific revolution. This ...Show more


Like the Middle Ages itself, each of these three periods lacks hard and fast parameters” (Snell, 2014). The Early Middle Ages are also called…
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Middle Ages to the Enlightenment essay example
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