Reviewing and Comparing Three Movies Focusing on Shape of War

Reviewing and Comparing Three Movies Focusing on Shape of War Essay example
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War is essentially the absence of peace. But more than the abstract idea of an event or a series of events that compels a nation and a group of people to enter into battle and be able and willing to risk and expend resources in order to win a war, casualty take of various forms and implications.


There is not a day in the world where there is no war between clashing ideals and beliefs that fuels men to go against each other at the cost of their lives. War, as a film genre, is easily one of the most pervasive and reoccurring regardless of what generation. These films are most likely to poke at something real and imaginable to every individual because one way or another we have experienced war or knew someone who has gone through it. ‘Platoon’ is quite perhaps among the three a war movie in every sense of the word. In comparison to ‘Saving Private Ryan’ and ‘Black Hawk Down,’ ‘Platoon’ is the movie which had paved the way to a different way of retelling a war story. The timing of the release of this film was brilliant in such a way that there had been enough time to avoid having to be labelled as insensitive but close enough to the actual events that people still have not yet forgotten. This film by Oliver Stone earned him the Oscar Best Picture Award. The story of Chris Taylor follows an in-depth look on what war can do to a person. It strips him almost bare of his humanity as he is propelled in a situation of violence and atrocity. This setting is by no means normal and the unnatural events that unfold before his very eyes lead him to do irrational things that he would not otherwise do. ...
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