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Role of Johnathan Edwards on First Great Awakening - Essay Example

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Role of Jonathan Edwards on First Great Awakening Jonathan Edwards was born in East Windsor, Connecticut in the year 1703. He graduated from Yale at the age of seventeen and completed his Masters of Arts degree in 1724. Edwards was ordained minister at Northampton as successor of his grandfather Solomon Stoddard…

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Role of Johnathan Edwards on First Great Awakening

During his final years he was in charge of a boarding school where he preached the Indian boys. He died from smallpox in 1758, five weeks after he was inaugurated as the President of the College of New Jersey (“Jonathan Edwards”). The First Great Awakening Religious renewal The First Great Awakening was a movement that revitalized Christianity in the American colonies during the third and fourth decades of the eighteenth century. The impact was particularly felt in New England. The movement was caused by certain Christians who began to protest against the traditional mode of worship. It was generated by intense preaching from theologians like Jonathan Edwards which encouraged the avid listeners to disassociate from established rituals. They could feel a new sense of spiritual sincerity and their prayers were intensified by deep emotions (“Basic Concepts of the First Great Awakening”). Cause of the movement The glorious revolution of 1688 brought an end to the fights between different religious and political groups in England. The Church of England became the most important church of the country. People began to practice only one religion as the other religions like Catholicism, Judaism, and Puritanism were suppressed. Although this created religious stability but there was lack of fervor among the worshippers. ...
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