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Gender, Race, and Labor in Quiet Odyssey:A Pioneer Korean Woman in America - Essay Example

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Gender, Race, and Labor in Quiet Odyssey:A Pioneer Korean Woman in America

Despite the fact that Google started as a search engine, it has been improved and consequently enhances its various operations which have put it ahead of its competitors. Moreover, it has been able to generate revenue through its advertisements that are highly relevant and cost-effective (Lamb, Hair & McDaniel, 2009).
By beginning as a small company and eventually growing into a massive business, Google has changed its business plan over the years to meet the changing environment. Due the companys current upsurge of recognition and its incessant technological advances in providing services that are user-friendly, it has established a significant competitive advantage which is the success of any brand equity. Indeed, over the years the plan of Google has been able to distinguish it from other competitors and has made it gain perceived equality, high awareness, as well as brand loyalty and this, has made it the most frequented search engine (Lamb, Hair & McDaniel, 2009). No wonder, the company captured 64 percent of the online searches in the United States (Scutter, 2009). Moreover, Google has been able to implement one of its business plans of strong and effective business leadership and financial management.
Google through its business plan has been able to come up with a thriving advertising scheme that has enabled it to remain profitable even during the times of recession. Indeed, advertisement has become a significant competitive advantage enjoyed by the company and is credited for majority of its earnings. The companys revenue was $5.94 billion which was an increase of 7 percent in 2009 as a result of increased spending on advertisements. This has been on a steady increase (Temple, 2009). Consequently, through the introduction of several online services such as youtube that is reported to have over one billion views per a single day, the company has remained ahead of the others in the context of online advertisements (Temple, ...
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The company has become a multinational that has acquired 65 percent of the market share, over 55,000 employees, and assets that are approximately $70 billion…
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