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Letters about Wars and Trade (1760) - Essay Example

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John Smith Letter Early trade did not come easy, as one would think. Unlike the present trade, early traders had to fight their way through to make their opponents trade with them. Therefore, constant wars were inevitable between trading tribes. Additionally, ancient trade involved trading as a group unlike today where individuals trade alone…

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Letters about Wars and Trade (1760)

The team comprised of skilled men from all lifestyles. They included soldiers, farmers, and artisans with one mind to find readily exploitable land and use its inhabitants as slaves. John Smith was admitted to the colony in 1608 with the main purpose to consolidate the colony, subordinate the natives, and make the colony profitable. This was a hard task for Smith who quite the operation after he suffered a wound. Additionally, his harsh leadership did not work well to consolidate the natives but alienated even his own subordinates (Lankford 18). The task of consolidating colonies did not end after Smith quit in 1609 but continued under Captain Christopher Newport. The team managed to meet some of their targets including getting slaves for cheap labour. However, the team with slaves acted defiantly and its work productivity was much lesser compared to the settlers. The natives worked unwillingly producing very low results in the tasks delegated to them. In addition, not all settlers engaged in real work because others proved superior. One major hindrance to consolidation of colonies the threat other colonies posed to it. For instance, a colony could abduct a ship from a rival colony after a trade harvesting and steal form them all they had gathered. ...
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