reflection paper for Multicultural Sexualities in American History

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Multicultural sexualities in the American history trace back their roots from the late 15th century as a result of interaction of different ethnic groups. Institutions and institutions have created various sexualities in the transitional frames in Latin, Native, and North…


For instance, these analysis have not only focused on these aspects, but also marriage issues, mainstream sexualities and definitions of sexual actions that are suspected to have fallen outside the norms of the western society. The diversity of ethnicity, sex and gender are key aspects that have been addressed in varied forms in order to bring thematic overlaps that are oriented to done common goal; developing different ways on how to address multicultural issues in their contexts and how they are linked to various operations of power. An interesting point of concern can be seen on how Native Americans differed with the European culture in addressing issues of sex, ethnicity and gender. Despite these variances, there are specific aspects that were appealing from both the two ideological platforms, as well as, limiting aspects to sexual expression. The paper digs to explore these discrepancies and similarities among the Native American society and the European culture in the American history, as well as, highlighting the most appealing aspects of sexuality that have been adopted in today’s worldviews in addressing gender issues.
The colonialism aspect that was practiced by the western cultural society was an effective tool that was used to erase the traditional non-binary roles of sexuality systems. The body is the main object that was observed to the root of sexual practices and gender identity depending on the physical features that opposite sex had. The two societies appreciated that there is a supernatural being that is the giver of life to these bodies. Consequently, sexual practices and desires were satisfied through these objects, as well as, giving birth to new generations. Both the Native Americans and the European societies respected the body since it was the object that determined sexuality and gender of people, as well as ethnicity. Therefore, the body among these two worldviews was viewed as the means or the ...
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