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According to C. Wright Mills, a nuclear war that would devastate the whole world was imminent and virtually nothing could be done to prevent it (Goertzel, 241). While writing on the causes of World War III in 1958, C. Wright Mills was almost sure that the war was going to occur, and very little would be done to prevent it.


Therefore, he outlined the major factors that would contribute to this war. Thus, according to Mills, the following factors would contribute to the occurrence of the third world war: Power Elites created by the US industrial complex According to C. Wright Mills, the structure of national policy was centered on politics and military supremacy. Therefore, if a country had to achieve economic prosperity, it had to be superior on the war front and in its military organization (Goertzel, 242). Thus, economic prosperity was to be achieved through the assertion of political and military power, instead of applying the economic principles which drive the economy. Therefore, the economic elites who lead major organizations were also the same who drove the political life of both the USA and the USSR, the major rivals in the foreseen war (Goertzel, 242). Making the political power an elite component, where the political and military authority was centered on the economic elite’s point of view posed some war danger. According to Mills, the political, the military and the economic elites shared a common world view (Goertzel, 243). ...
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