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comparative paper between aboriginal people of canada and palestinian people - Essay Example

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The act has all the details about the Aboriginal life. It shows the nature of the anishinaabe governing body, land tenure systems and how the aboriginal…

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comparative paper between aboriginal people of canada and palestinian people

As a result of introduction of Indian Act, the government took the power of controlling the lives of aboriginal people and their lands (Hallett 100). The Aboriginal people were denied their rights. The Indian Department that was in charge of the Indian affairs took the full control over the lands that was reserved for the aboriginal people. They also took control of the resources and trade among the aboriginal people. The government took advantage of the act and used as a way of controlling these people. The government decided where these people could live. However, this legislation was never following what it stood for; it was being violated.
The aboriginal people had so many social issues. In 1600s, the aboriginal people were engaging in trading activities that involved trade of firearms, minerals, and fur. Due to competition in trading, conflicts between tribes emerged that resulted in division of these people. The aboriginal people lost their self knowledge (McNab & Ute 51). Loss of self knowledge, according to the anishinaabe, was just like losing their culture that was assisting them in development. The aboriginal people lost these through the introduction of integration of residential schools and pilot programs. These programs were not favoring the aboriginal people but they were meant to westernize them. The current generation of aboriginal people is not able to access their knowledge of the past and anything concerning their culture. As a result, they are no longer able to keep their culture (Neu & Richard 98).
Furthermore, this lack of self knowledge has led to the loss of identity of the aboriginal people. They are no longer able to set goals and objectives for themselves. Without identity, aboriginal people have lost their culture and this is shown by the way they present themselves in the society.
In addition, loss of language by anishinaabe people is another social issue. ...
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