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African Americans 1877 to Present - Research Paper Example

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Abolishment of slavery ended with the Civil War that destroyed the south. This article is going to provide a series of events that happened in relation to African Americans from 1877…

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African Americans 1877 to Present

The Compromise of 1877 occurred when the Democrats agreed they would not block Hayes victory as long as the Republicans removed their federal troops from the South. Louisiana, South Carolina, and Florida became democratic states as a result, and it was the end of the reconstruction era. The Southern white people resulted in violence and intimidation against African Americans because of the end of the reconstruction period. Blacks were kept from exercising their democratic right to voting and white supremacy was dominant in the area. There were many Supreme Court decisions that limited the reconstruction amendment laws and were against the Black community (Campbell & Fraser, 2008). The 14th and 15th Amendments give African Americans the right to be American citizens and protect them using the constitution. They were also not allowed to vote. Southern Democrats had made a promise to the government to protect the rights of the Black people, but they did not honor the promises. The federal government stops interfered in the affairs of the South, which led to discontent among the Black community, who were not allowed to vote in any election.
The results of the Reconstruction era led to the massive exodus of African Americans from the South and many migrated to Kansas. The African Americans, however, got hope as the first Black women’s college open in 1881, the Spelman College. There is also the Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute that began in the same year in Alabama. It was one of the few Institutes for higher learning for the African Americans. In 1982, the American Colonization Society that founded Monrovia in 1847, the present-day Liberia continued with the movement of African Americans to Liberia. The leader of the Society Robert Finley believes the migration of African Americans back to Africa would be a solution to the problems they were encountering in America. More than twelve thousand slaves were successfully relocated ...
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