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Works of art, sure to give pleasure and improve the public opinion; and public institutions of various kinds, which will improve the wellbeing of the people .in discouraging charity. He says the primary consideration should be to help those who help themselves: by providing a means by which people who desire to rise a stepping stone by which they may rise.The idea of building public institutions that may include schools, colleges, and medical centers will help people gain services like education and health. Education will at the end help one get ways to create wealth and to gain the rightful idea on proper administration of their hard earned money and general property. Building a ladder is much better than spoon-feeding an individual in a lifetime. Better use the resources we have (the brains) to create other resources for the coming generation (Carnegie)
2. Carnegie believes that “the man who dies thus rich dies disgraced?"This is to say that a rich man must ensure that the poor in his/her community are by all means uplifted to a level they can fend for themselves. If the rich man happens to die richer without achieving the target of improving the lifestyles of the fellow beings, he/she dies disgraced. It is only until one fulfills the aim he lives for to be happy even in death. All rich men must ensure their wealth is returned to the society in best ways possible. Because Carnegie believes in using ones wealth to benefit the community while still alive, by funding the creation of public utilities. He says that the rich who die leaving behind them millions of usable wealth to administer during his life such a person will not be honoured, wept nor sung even if they commission their wealth to do something good after their death. They must use their money and property to build public institutions that can benefit all people in the ...
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Carnegie agrees on the facts that building a public institution is one better idea than giving charity in the direction of the weak since giving charity to the poor is a waste of money. When one lives on handouts daily he/she will never have an idea of how hard it is to get…
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