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Alien and section / naturalization act vc. 21st c policy immigration policy / illegal immigrants - Research Paper Example

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Alien and section / naturalization act vc. 21st c policy immigration policy / illegal immigrants

However, it was increased to five years stay in 1795 and three years of notice of the desire by a person to apply for US citizenship (United States Bureau of Immigration 41-44). In 1868, fourteenth amendment in the US constitution was passed to guard children born in the US. The amendment asserted that all individuals born or naturalized in the U, and question to the jurisdiction are citizens of the US and the States where they live. The policy was further expanded to include Africa Americans as naturalized US citizens. Asian immigrants were not regarded as naturalized citizens of the US. In some state like California, there were some restrictions applied to Asian Americans in that not permitted to own land. In 1882, the Congress passed the Chinese exclusion Act that restricted immigration of Chinese people to US. The Chinese migration to the US was triggered by poor conditions in China and the infamous gold rush that was happening in California. The Act restricted Chinese workers from immigrating to the US for a period of ten years. Workers in the US with visas got a certificate of residency and were not restricted to travel in the US. In the 20th century, the Japanese government negotiated with the US government to establish the “Gentlemen’s Act” in 1907. This was an agreement where Japan accepted to cease giving passports to citizens who intended to emigrate to the US. This made the Japanese immigration to the US rapidly increase. However, the congress limited and banned individuals because of lack of education and poor health (United States Bureau of Immigration 78-81). In 1921, the “Emergency Quota Act” was passed which created national immigration quotas. The quotas relied on foreign-born citizens who were staying in the US during the 1910 census. In 1932, the US government banned or shut down immigration of people to the US during the great depression. The Congress repealed the Chinese exclusion policy that ended segregation against the Filipinos and the Indian Americans who were given the right to naturalization and permitted a quota of 100 immigrants annually. In the 1960s, the “Hart-Cellar Act” eliminated the national-origin quota system. This was the restriction on western hemisphere immigration to 100, 000 immigrants annually with the Eastern hemisphere restricted to 170,000 immigrants annually. Due to family inclinations, the immigration policies were now chain bound in the sense that recent immigrants who had already settled in the US supported and sponsored their relatives (Browne 33). “The Hart-Celler Act” or the immigration and naturalization Act aimed to eliminate the quota system that governed US immigrants based on national origin and created a new law based on uniting immigrant families and attracting talented and skilled immigrants to the US. In the subsequent years, the laws enacted in 1960s transformed the demographic makeup of the US population in the sense that new immigrants were streaming in US from Africa, Asia as opposed to Europe under the new law. During the 1960s, the civil rights movement in the US called for reforms to the immigration policies in the US since during that period immigration relied on national ori ...Show more


Instructor Date Naturalization laws in the US and the immigration laws of 21st century Immigration to the United States of America is an intricate demographic trend that has been the main source of population increase and cultural transformation throughout the entire history of the United States of America…
Author : allene12
Alien and section / naturalization act vc. 21st c policy immigration policy / illegal immigrants essay example
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