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Personal Development and Careers - Essay Example

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Author : czboncak
Human Resources
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This essay focuses on explaining of the several statements, such as: importance of communication in the workplace, learning is the process of acquiring knowledge through experience and the question Why would managers want to change employees’ attitudes…

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Personal Development and Careers

This essay discusses that some employees may experience difficulties in learning in the midst of various requirements brought about by daily work. Despite the efforts of the management for their workers to obtain learning, such employees may have low levels of motivation to develop their competencies and apply these in actual practice. This has consequently led to certain issues in relation to the willingness of both employees and the management towards skill development as well as the availability of learning and training programs. The researcher describes the time and effort which managers provide for skill and knowledge acquisition, remains to be an important issue today. Employee learning and development is a fundamental part of improving the workplace environment; thus, there is a great need for managers to improve their workers’ skills and promote positive changes in their behavior as this can result to improved organizational performance. The importance of communication in the workplace is also mentioned in the essay and it cannot be overemphasized as it remains to be one of the essential components for organizational success. Effective communication can play an important function for the relationship between managers and employees. With a proper and formal system for communication, possibilities for misunderstandings can be reduced and more work can be accomplished. On the whole, a work environment that promotes communication can allow both the company and its employees to obtain various advantages. ...
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