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The managers’ pinpoint the job-related experience, knowledge, competencies, and skills required employees to be productive in their positions (Ohlsson, 2010). Additionally, the manager helps the low-skilled workers to define their career development gaps that will support both the objectives of the firm and their career goals. The managers support the development plans of the employees by indicating the specific procedures that need to achieve the learning objectives.
The managers also assist the workers to understand the positions that will suit their career growth. In summary, the manager’s role in career development includes listening, leveling, looking ahead, leveraging, and linking. The managers listen by getting the employees talk about their context, interests, values, and skills. They level by getting them reflect on how other view the development and skills areas. They look ahead by making them consider how their career world is changing. The managers leverage employees, by getting them analyze various career moves. Finally, the managers link their workers by getting them to move on their learning techniques.
The employer’s role in career development involves providing compensation and job structures that support the firm and the growth of an individual. The employers also enrich the positions at work place to create challenges in the working setting (Hall, 2006). Additionally, they offer funds and time for career development activities. This is done by creating processes to use the skills, abilities, and knowledge of every employee. The employers also carry out pro-active planning of work force to meet the needs of staffing. This is done through employee evaluation and creation of succession criteria for important job positions for the firm. The employers also identify and nurture talents and reward the performance of the employees in a manner that ...
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They also examine either as individual or along their managers, their ambitions and interests. The employees have a role of creating their development…
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