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db3 program capstone

For instance, labor migration, mobility and diversity are directly related to globalization. Many researchers, including Mujtaba (2007), focus on management challenges related to diversity management at work. Since all organizations are expected to create friendly, inclusive and non-discriminatory environment where all employees have equal opportunities, it is a real challenge. According to Drucker (2007), global changes have the greatest influence on internal climate in different organizations. Local markets merge and competition moves to global arena; it is the reason why organizations need to be more flexible than ever in order to survive this harsh competition.
The outcomes of globalization need to be addressed complexly. Each consequence requires a special solution depending on corporate culture and people who work in the organization. Generally, diversity management practice and innovative approach to leadership and performance evaluations help organizations to work effectively in rapidly changing environment.
In summary, globalization is an umbrella term for numerous changes and challenges in causes in world management practices and solutions. New work conditions, global competition, changes in work force and requirements make organizations change regularly in order to ...
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Diversity, equality, corporate culture, labor migration and mobility, technological progress and many other issues emerge as a result…
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