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Trends in the Workplace - Coursework Example

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Human Resources
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Human resource management is one of the important departments within an organization that deals with employees’ recruitment, selection training and appraisal. The human resource managers perceive workers as the team behind implementation of organizational strategy and hence…

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Trends in the Workplace

Issues of ageing employees, diversity and skills deficiencies feature new trends in work place. To respond to the demands of the work environment, the human resource managers need to exercise flexibility if their organizations have to remain profitable both in the short and long-term.
The organization selection and recruitment process is an activity that the human resource managers take seriously to obtain the best work force within their institution. The selection process is an activity that involves selection of only qualified employees who suit the minimum requirements of the position and fill the existing employee gaps effectively (Schuler & MacMillan, 2012). For an organization to achieve its goals, it requires skilled personnel with adequate skills and experiences to handle the needs of the organization. In any organization, the selection process takes at different stages. The applicants undergo scrutiny for academic qualifications, skills, experiences and leadership qualities. The human resource managers set clear the qualifications of the position in their advertisement to ensure that only the qualified candidates apply. Those with less than minimum requirements are dismissed at the preliminary stage even before the first interviews. This saves on time and cost that is used for hosting the interviews, regarding the high number of applicants who turn up to their advertisements. In addition, human resource managers provide a formal orientation to the successful candidates. The orientation process is a good way to facilitate employees work behavior and this helps them to adapt more quickly and to work become part of the work team more quickly. The ability of human resource managers helps to recruit the right workforce and to form a team that can implement the organizational goals.
Employee performance evaluation is a key element of human resource ...
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