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Assignment example - Evolution of Performance Management Part II

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Human Resources
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I find it very interesting that you relate the purpose of performance management with major roles within the organization such as “Strategic, administrative, informational, developmental, organizational maintenance, and documentation purposes” (Aguinia, 2013, pg. 15). In…

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Eventually, even though we could achieve our goals to some extent, the collective goal of the organization was never achieved. Your post has therefore given me a lot of insight on the best way to avoid such a situation in the future by ensuring that performance management is integrated into the larger management of the organization.
I agree with you perfectly that an organization will struggle to obtain long-term success without the existence of a well-defined performance management program (Chamberlain, 2011). One probing question I would like to put forward is that in the absence of performance management program, how can the organization know whether it output from its workforce is in accordance with projected goals for the organization? Certainly there will be shortfalls in knowing how well the organization has achieved success if there are no performance management programs. But to add an insight to your take on the issue, I would suggest that when the organization is implementing performance management programs, it should not do it in an isolated manner. Rather, it will be important to integrate it into the collective program of the organization. By so doing, it will be possible to ensure that the outcome of the program is a true measure of what the organization proposes to ...
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