Discussion and analysis of a standardized test of ESL
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The ILETS has been designed to test the users of English language in three paramount areas that include listening, reading and writing. For a person to claim to have mastered the art of fluently using the English language, he or she should learn to listen to it effectively, be able to read it and even write. Most people who claim to use the language are found short in either of the three features, hence limiting their communication (Charge & Lynda 34).
Arguments about the critical period hypothesis
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This research focused on the generalization that once an individual crosses the age of puberty, his/her ability to gain native proficiency in learning a particular language is lost. The researchers were able to identify that this generalization is not completely true and that there are other factors involved.
Impact of Language Barriers on Refugees Education
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The report shows that social language is instrumental in facilitating academic interactions between students (Brown, Miller, & Jane, 2006). In addition, limited proficiency and lack of confidence regarding these education language concepts act as considerable obstacles in refugees’ academic journeys.
Annotated bibliography
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The researchers were able to identify that this generalization is not completely true and that there are other factors involved. This research will be used to provide support for the opponent side of the argument that puberty and the age before puberty is the critical period to gain native like proficiency in learning a second language.
Purpose and Function of Newspeak
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This language was initially created by George Orwell, who believed that political and economic causes were the result of the decline in use of a language. As such, he created the language with the presumption that, countries such as Soviet Union (Germany) had had their languages deteriorated as a result of the dictatorial regimes they had been subjected (Conley & Stephen 135-145).
Profane and anodyne language
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In other words, even to swear a person has to follow at least some of the rules for example subject predicate agreement. While indeed, some forms of swearing allow a greater freedom on grammar such as rejection of changes that occur when a verb is used in third person singular, but it is obvious that a sentence that contains profanity must be grammatically correct.
Second language teaching
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Metalinguistic awareness signifies the ability through which children develop their language during the infant stage. In this regard, Anderson, Rasmussen and Stromme (pp. 2-9) argued that children are developing their linguistic knowledge and languages from its surroundings. In this case, Gopnik and Meltzoff (p. 1523) claimed that most of the children develop their languages and knowledge from simple symbols of the surroundings.
Corporations are a threat to environment
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This research defines environmental pollution as an unfavorable variation of our surrounding through direct or indirect influence, causing changes in radiation levels, energy patterns, physical and chemical composition of our environment. Environmental pollution can occur naturally or in can be artificial (Antonescu & Mateescu, 2001).
Challenges facing the refugee students in Ontario Canada
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There should be no discrimination in providing education to the immigrant students since they will contribute to building the economy of Canada once they graduate and join the workforce. The newcomers should not continue relying on the government's support but should be self-reliant and assist their fellow immigrants as well.
Ethics and morals
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"Moral" has a dual meaning. The first indicates a person's comprehension of morality and his capacity to put it into practice. In this meaning, the antonym is "amoral", indicating an inability to distinguish between right and wrong. The second denotes the active practice of those values. In this sense, the antonym is "immoral".
Linguistic variation
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The research article is the sociolinguistic study of different immigrant groups focusing on the relationship between linguistic variations and different aspects of identity.The researchers have conducted the study in particular cultural and social setting in order to study how different people use linguistic variations and the way it predicts their identity
Social Factors in Language Learning
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According to the report all existing languages show a tendency to change overtime. A long time ago there were languages which did not resemble those of our time at all. The English language is not an exception to this rule. There are different factors which influence this process and contribute to language changing its form.
Happy earth 1
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The approximate English language level that the young learner needs to understand Happy Earth 1 is basic speaker level that consists of level A1 and A2.A young learner at level A1 should be able to comprehend and use common and everyday words or expressions at a satisfactory level. For instance, a young learner should be able to construct a simple- sentence structure using the words provided in Happy Earth 1 book.
Computer-Mediated Discourse: The #Hashtag Trend
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They have now grown to accommodate all the aspects of our daily lives. This paper explains their current use and how they have shaped the current world. Twitter hashtags were created to provide labels for contents. This made
The Differences between Genders in Expressing Verbal Emotions
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The authors have also attributed the difference in communication styles as a key reason for misunderstanding between the two genders. This article focuses on the difference between communicative styles of men and women. This study was conducted over a group of 480
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In other words, Savan means that in creating these words, the African American people paid a price that many people do not recognize today. As a result,
Email Pragmatics
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This essay will select language in email communication as a case study or typical scenario of pragmatics and stress on ways in which conventions that have to do with the use of pragmatics are often flouted in email communication. The effect of flouting such conventions and why language used in email is so vulnerable shall all be discussed.
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s of the approaches on Fillmore et als normally does provide distinctive difference from other frameworks that have semantic with notable description. Normally the symbolic or meanings are highly relativized in accordance with scenes. Fillmore et als delves hugely into the
Introduction to Language and Communication - Assignment
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the 20th century, particle physics helped scientists discover that the atom that they thought was the smallest particle ever to exist, in reality, was not (Aubusson et al., 2006). After such a discovery, maybe science will soon come to find out that it was wrong concerning the
Phonological aspect of English teaching and learning
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The matters of mother tongue influence and its avoiding while learning English of what and how to teach are one of the most discussed ones, both from the students’ and the teachers’ sides. English learning is a wide field of research, especially because of there are several variants of English, and each is considered to be right by its speakers.
Assignment 4
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It also portrays how the methods are controversial. Language tests involve assessment of individuals on their capability in a particular language and those who need to improve their skills in speaking,
Define and discuss the relationship between language variation, language attitudes and linguistic discrimination, drawing on specific examples from past research.
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This paper examines important concepts and ideas in relation to the way people view things and the way people analyse issues and matters in
Stylistic analysis
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He advices women not to be surprised by men for they never take things seriously. He explains that for women to complain about men is a waste of time. Men are known to play with womans hearts. Women take love seriously while men take it as an adventure.
Sociolinguistic case study on the linguistic rights of Serbs in Croatia
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The study is to review the situation of the ethnic minorities by exploring the history of the area, the developments of languages and the current issues facing minorities in Croatia. Croatian, Hungarian and Serbian are the commonly used languages by the people of Croatia (Hogan and Wolff 2003, 122). Serbian and Croatian were sufficiently similar to be identified as Serbo-Croatian. However, during the war outbreak in 1991, Croatian was identified as the main language.
Assignment 3
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However, in appendix one, the study points out that, the ESL students can only learn the language through understanding what they say (Lockhart, 49). Qs.2 knowledge is a true opinion comprising of a rational explanation or definition, and it is
How relative clauses are formed by this (Ki)swahili
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As a matter of fact, the relative clauses in the Kiswahili language are formed by using the noun classes that are further associated with plurals. The aim of this report is to thoroughly assess the formation pattern of the relative clauses in
Mind-Body Problem Summary
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He emphasizes that language aspects too fall in the same line as one commonly understands phenomena such as electrical force, complex molecules, or visual systems. Thus, the author takes naturalistic approach for mental and
12 linguistics branches
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gy, syntax, discourse analysis, pragmatics, etc.) with the aim of providing retrievable interpretations which allow comparisons of different texts, genres (fiction, drama and poetry).This branch is just like the grandfather since it involves all the branches whose texts must be
Relationship between Communication and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
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action between the individuals provides an opportunity to, first, make it clear what is necessary from the other individual within the course of the certain need satisfaction, and, second, clarify how the necessary things shall be dealt with in order to reach the need
Discourse analysis
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The essay will concentrate mainly on Scout. It shall seek to analyze the role that she plays in the novel and how her character portrays the wider theme of the
China241 - Chiense language analysis (homework)
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Labor not gender thus produces social identity. Looking at the four linguistic features of Beijing Mandarin or standard language (PTH), there is thus no major
How Linguistic Features of African American Vernacular English (also known as African American English) Have Been Used to Teach Standard American English
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Thereafter, these myths are debunked by illustrating that African American English is a dialect in its own right, and students tend to learn better through it. Finally, several strategies have been examined and justifications made for how they can work.
Final work
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Their purpose is to tell people the place and the manner of the sound (Bischoff and Fountain).Relaying on phonemic inventory makes pronunciation easier. There is also the minimal pairs that are words that have different meaning and very similar
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hat the language introduced to the child when he is very young even before pre-school is important to the child’s understanding and use of academic language (Gee, 2004). Additionally, Gee (2004) identifies that economic standards play a great role in shaping a child’s
Lenition and its Accompanying Constraints
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The author states that there are many different definitions of lenition. This is because quite a number of scholars have grappled with the concept of lenition. Phonologists even disagree on what types of segmental changes qualify as lenition. Nevertheless, various scholars have put forth their definitions of the term.
English Grammar - Verb Tense and Aspect
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or even more common that language speakers are mandated to select among diverse forms referred to as aspects, the semantics of which have a tendency to be additionally subtle than that of tenses. Tenses and aspects fit in to the things in an individual’s inherent language
Language Aquisition
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It then proceeds with the emergence of a child’s morphological rules. It is the acquaintance of the morphological rules that enable a child to pluralize names ending with a voiced sound by adding ‘z’ and those ending with voiceless consonants with ‘s
Research essay
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In this paper, the writer will examine the relationship between IDS and word segmentation, and provide critical arguments and relevant literature to
Phonemic Inventories
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pter on phonetics, Bischoff and Fountain (2014) ostensibly define vowels as a speech sounds that are produced by minimal limitation of airflow via the vocal tract, with trembling of the vocal cords. Vowels form the nucleus of a syllable and define whether the articulation of a
Definiteness in Determiner Phrases (DP)
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It goes further to show how they can be actualized lexically. Features in grammar are also called grammatical categories; these are items within the grammar of a language and in this case the English language. They include tense which are grouped into;
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riter discusses the important roles of lines and stanzas in a speech by sharing two stories from two students from diverse background, Leona and Mindy, to explain the failure and success of stories using different words (Gee, 2014). Leona’s story as described by the author,
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The pronunciation shows the stress placed in “e” and recognition of “t” since the letter influences the sound. In the words below, and are similar phonemes but separate allophones. The
Discuss with examples the sociolinguistic notions of linguistic heterogeneity and linguistic homogeneity in the speech community
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Considering that a communicative function is the most important function of language, the relationship between language and society has always been a spot
The Role of Critical Period in Second Dialect Acquisition
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It was hypothesized that after a certain age, usually deemed to be around puberty, if a first language had not been acquired, it would be
Evolution and current status of the method
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In the context of learning a second language, the concept of method does not create an environment that enables learners to develop the necessary autonomy. Rather, there is a sense of bureaucracy whereby the learners typically follow structured instruction from the teachers. Such instruction is basically in the form of repeating dialogue, memorizing rules or translating passages (Brown 74).
Discourse Reflection
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One is born within a given discourse and gets assimilated to the discourse, not by choice. Therefore, it is difficult for one to
Survey Article - Lexical System
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This analysis enable researchers to know which part of the brains is used to process the meaning of word, form of word and the morphological structure of words. According to Lexicon system development
Language and Power 2.2
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Within the myriad of different viewpoints that have been presented, one central and fundamental element has come to be clear, power, approach, sociology, and impacts of culture are all strongly represented with regard to the way in which language is taught and understood.
Phonemic inventories
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According to Bischoff and Fountain (2011), a constant is a sound of speech which is uttered through partial or complete closure of the vocal tract. To make a p sound,
The Midland
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analysis divided the Midland into two categories; the North Midland region based on Pennsylvania, and the South Midland area illustrating the Appalachian highlands. Another classification divides the Midland area into the northern boundaries that covers Illinois, Ohio and
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