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Cross-cultural pragmatics: university-level Saudi students and UK students (no clear topic yet) - Research Proposal Example

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Research Proposal
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Yang while undertaking a study concerning speech request of among the Chinese and American graduates noted that it was not easy for people from different cultural backgrounds to have the same speech acts of requests (Yang 2009,p. 4). However, the study did not focus on how…

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Cross-cultural pragmatics: university-level Saudi students and UK students (no clear topic yet)

However the study did not focus on the different modifications and the indirect and direct speech acts of requests.
Mahani in the study of speech acts of requests, majored on how to realize speech acts of requests. The study did not however focus on the speech acts and the indirect and direct elements not to mention the modification devices in speech acts (Mahani 2012, p.7). The different studies by the researchers did not focus on the different devices that can be used for modifications in speech acts of requests. On the other hand, the studies did not endeavor to find out what the direct and indirect speech acts are for the different studies done.
In this study, the research would seek to answer two distinguished questions. In the speech acts of requesting, there are different modifications that are necessary to ensure that accurate response is achieved. In this case, the study would seek to understand why it is important to focus attention of the modification devices used when making requests. The modifications are external and external in nature. On the other hand, the study would seek to answer the question how and why direct and indirect acts of request are varied across the different cultures. The two questions would help draw solutions on the various aspects of speech acts of requesting.
The data collection method that will be used for the study is the discourse completion test (DCT). There will be a questionnaire where 21 one questions will be drawn aimed at eliciting reactions from the respondents. Consequently, there would be some interviews to follow up on the progress of the exercise. The findings would then form the basis of analysis from varied results obtained from the questionnaire. The variables that are to be considered in the method include the cultural modification devices and the indirect and direct methods of speech acts ...
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