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HardCo Computers

Secondly, the company can invest heavily in creating and improving its brand. This enables the business to protect against existing competition by penetrating into the market and even eating into established business’s market shares. This is known as branding or product positioning where the company builds a consumer base in the market (Aekar 1996). The company must invest heavily in popularizing its products and make them visible, recognizable, trustworthy, appealing, and desirable. Unmistakably, the marketing strategy utilized by the company is not efficient enough to create an appeal around the kind of products that the company produces. There should be extensive use of online marketing since the approach generates substantial results in growing the sales of the company even surpassing the sales in network stores. The company’s main clients are businesses rather than individual clients who repeat purchases after a period of eighteen months to three years. For this reason, the company must invest greatly in a more efficient sales workforce that will drive big orders for the company’s products. As it stands, the current sales team comprises only 10% of the work force. The ten percent has contributed significantly in driving up the profits. A much robust team of experienced sales persons shall be an investment worth every penny. The fact that the company is locally owned it could gain easy rapport with clients by offering the best quality products with free after sale service. ...
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In the paper “HardCo Computers” the author provides the statistical analysis of a medium sized firm HardCo. The firm’s main profits are gained from the sale of P.C, although the global demand for the products has decreased. Sale per laptop has declined by 25% while volumes have declined by 33%.

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