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Python is based on C and will heavily rely on the C libraries that can be imported, though it has a perfect fit with UNIX, POSIX and Linux languages. The program was developed in 1991 by Rossums van Guido based on lessons that he had leant in the course of operating system support and language processes (Scheibe and Tuulos, 2). The main advantage of the language is that it is an open system that offers access to Operating System (OS) services making it possible to create and develop high level solutions based on other already built programs. As such, the program allows a perfect integration with existing applications or programs and perfect processing all together. Some of the features that make the program the choice for many include its security, dynamism, portability, ease of interpretation, multithread, robustness among others. This explains the high performance of mobile phones that use Python, such as the Nokia N97 in image stabilization and improved processor performance to handle AR applications with at a high degree of fineness. Python uses in mobile devices Today, as development of the digital gadgets increases, mobile phone penetration has increased tremendously in the last one decade. Currently, there is over 50% penetration around the globe, a figure estimated to hit 70% mark by 2010 (Kerr, Thinyane & Foster, 80). ...
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College Date Python for S60 Platform Python is one of the simple programming languages with a rich library of tools and functionalities to support programming. The use of these libraries ensures that a programming language is reliable, simple and provides captivating features for different sets through a variety of extensions…
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