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The EU and US Data Protection Approaches and their Sustainability - Essay Example

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Author : quigleystone
Information Technology
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This essay describes different approaches that the United States and European Union have on data protection and data sustainability. The researcher focuses on comparison of the different approaches used by the US and the EU to protect individual’s personal data…

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The EU and US Data Protection Approaches and their Sustainability

This essay focuses on the US and the EU that are among the blocs that have been on the forefront to promote data protection and hence privacy. The right to privacy is a fundamental human right that is presented as a main focus of the essay. Whereas the US has no specific regulation scheme that is designed to regulate the collection, processing and transfer of personal information, the EU has one. The US has also mounted a scathing attack at the EU Data Protection Directive claiming that it is fast becoming outdated and with time its practicability in implementation will deteriorate. Herein after this essay takes a look at the different approaches used by the US and the EU to protect individual’s personal data and which among the two approaches is sustainable in the long run. After taking into considerations all these factors that were explored by the researcher, it is clear that the EU approach is more sustainable in the long run. The reasons are that though it is sparingly flexible it does not require this flexibility as it is not the final regulation but just the framework, the member countries can revise their data protection rules as the environment changes provided they are within the framework. The current EU Data Protection Directive is still serving the critical stimulus role to taking data protection very seriously, abandoning it would be disastrous, and instead it should be a reference model for other countries or blocs. The idea of an international standard is the only way to foster globalization in this technological era.
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