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Annotated Bibliography example - Human computer interaction

Annotated Bibliography
Information Technology
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The authors involved are all renowned authorities on user interface design and are pioneers in this field. A major part of the design process of the “Star” workstation was the user interface. Human cognition was taken as the base guideline and three human factors were experimented with…

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Selection scheme tests showed the amount of buttons and kind of pointing device to select text. Icon tests showed the optimal shapes for recognition. Graphics tests showed that the line drawings interface needed revision. The focus was on basic users of computers who relied on recognition largely. The system was to be kept as simple as possible so that learning did not pose much of a problem. The studies conducted were largely qualitative in design except for the selection schemes that were tabulated statistically in terms of errors during usage. Even the statistical portions of the study were not well documented enough to warrant sturdy critique. The study is largely irrelevant in terms of HCI today as the study represents basic and early developments in HCI. The paper can however be considered to be watershed as it addresses major questions for development of user interfaces. The results of the paper are also significant as modern trends in user interface creation are similar to the findings of the paper. Moreover the paper displays some bias as it only investigates a limited number of human cognition areas. The total study spanned six years and multiple tests which indicates that more issues could have been addressed. The paper is highly relevant to HCI as it represents the trends in the early development of HCI in general and the early development of graphical user interfaces in particular. The paper represents a shift from qualitative investigation methods to quantities methods. ...
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