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Information and Communication Technology - Essay Example

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Author : rcruickshank
Information Technology
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This essay describes the Information and Communication Technology, that are generic terms which refer to technologies used to collect, store, edit and pass on information in various forms. The researcher analyses the statistical relationship between ICT use and education standards…

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Information and Communication Technology

This essay discusses the benefits of UK being a developed country, such as the use of Information and Communication Technology that has been very much advanced in recent years. The esearcher states that most of the schools are now applying ICT in most of their learning practices. It is presented in the essay that ICT has the following benefits as seen from studies here in the UK. Firstly, it's improvement of child development, teaching and learning. Secondly, connection with hard-to- reach groups. Thirdly, it provides equal access to services within the schools and increases the effectiveness and efficiency of services. In addition, better communication standards are established while using Information and Communication Technology. The UK education system, being the darling of many students from around the globe have established an efficient use of ICT in most of its international institutions in order to help foreign students who don’t understand English language very well to catch up easily with their curriculum and teaching processes. This has been made possible by the fact that ICT advancement allows student to have machines translate what the teacher actually says to their own home language. The researcher then concluds, that Information and Communication Technology in UK schools is well established. The establishment is more pronounced in higher level colleges and universities mainly because of the technological applications of courses at this stage in relevance to their practical experiences. ...
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