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Article on the reflection of media on new scientific research

Rossi brings about an understanding that previously used techniques firstly are extremely inefficient and do not always produce a true IPS. Secondly, due to the use of a retroviral vectors the cells tend to reject the attempt of incorporating the modified RNA and view the viruses as infectious threat leading them to undergo apoptosis and activation of interferon pathways. Furthermore, due to the nature of retroviral integration the cells become prone to mutagenesis leading to cancer due to activation of Onco-genes. Thirdly, once an IPS cell is produced by the old method there is a question of how closely these cells are able to act as the Gold Standard ES Embryonic Stem cells, and if they are prone to reversing back to their pre- induced state. Lastly, the future of IPS is to have them generated specifically for each patient and the old ways of Pluripotency Induction are very limited and only a small amount of Pluripotent cells are able to be derived (Johnson, 2010). ...
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The Rossi paper demonstrates that the Stem Cell Gold Standard has been practically reached and we have now surpassed the line where many researchers have been tiptoeing around for years. Embryonic Totimpotent Stem cells are no longer limited to embryos and now seem to be within the grasp of modern researchers abilities to be produced from almost any human cell…
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