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Wireless technology and its impact on computer networking - Essay Example

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Author : mcclurealysson
Information Technology
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In the beginning of the last century, the particular timeline was referred to as the 'Industrial Age'. True to an extent, as that era saw the emergence of a new kind of advancement for the betterment of mankind…

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Wireless technology and its impact on computer networking

Three quarters of a century later, civilization witnessed the birth of a new era, one which was largely ahead of its predecessor in terms of technological advancements. This new era as we all know it is the age of information technology. One need not go into the depth and the history of this achievement but move on towards a more current realization, the accomplishment which is more conveniently termed as an industry due to its sheer magnitude and relative importance. According to Kaveh Pahalavan and Prashan Krishnamurthy, "it owns the largest market share, and it has enabled us to change our lifestyles by entering the information technology age. This industry is the telecommunication networking industry"."Wireless networking has exploded in popularity in the last few years. From the way we communicate with friends and family to the way we conduct our daily business, and even the way we listen to music, wireless networking is quickly changing the face of technology" (Magoo). The impact of wireless networking or WiFi (wireless fidelity) on the existing computer networking has been rather drastic. And the number of benefactors are countless, educational and business institutions are just a few to name. It is the birth of a new dynasty, the new generation of telecommunications. The WiFi system provides support to countless devices for connection, may it be laptops, cell phones, PDAs etc. ...
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