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Travel agency website

Man by nature travels from one place to another. This is evidenced by the annual volume of the inbound and outbound travellers here and abroad. Travellers usually utilize one or a combination the land, marine, and air transportation modes. They may travel on their own without the assistance of a travel agency, if they are already familiar of the place to stay in or visited.Majority of them usually employ the services of travel agencies to book various travel services needed and to get rid of preparing it themselves and end up in a costly, unorganized, and not enjoyed travel.With the advent of e-commerce technology and the use of the internet, people from all walks of life may book their travels in a traditional way or online. Online bookings need to be done interactively using a travel agency's website. The website's user interface design is very crucial in a travel agency for it replaces the traditional way of interacting with the customer. The extent of the services and care that an agency can give face to face to customers should at least be replicated or surpassed in the online version.In a travel agency website we could think of several scenarios of use. The following types of users are considered in this study, namely: the students, the professionals, the tourists, and the immigrants.Students profile includes local, national, international students. ...
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Man by nature travels from one place to another. This is evidenced by the annual volume of the inbound and outbound travellers here and abroad. Travellers usually utilize one or a combination the land, marine, and air transportation modes. …
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