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Privacy and Internet Policy - Research Paper Example

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Research Paper
Information Technology
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This paper talks that Internet plays a major role in the modern world, not only in the lives of individuals but also in the day to day functions of organizations. Companies as well as individuals are suing the internet as a medium of communication. The society has accepted the internet technology as an integral part of the present day…

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Privacy and Internet Policy

This paper approves that employers resort to workplace monitoring to make sure that their employees do not waste their time doing extraneous things while at work. It can be done in different ways such as computer monitoring, telephone monitoring, e-mail and voice mail monitoring, video monitoring etc. The employer can track the information about the sites the employees visit, examine their hard disks, internet usage, email details etc. Thus, the employees remain subjects of monitoring in almost all places in their work site except in locker rooms and bathrooms. Obviously, the intention behind such exercises is to ensure that employees attend to their work in the allocated office time and do not waste it. The employees may also tend to misuse the internet and other facilities in the organization. Therefore, in order to prevent such practices, the employers use workplace monitoring.
This report makes a conclusion that Privacy and Internet Policy are common issues faced by today’s world and these are inextricably linked. Most people access use the internet for communication today. This subjects the users to whatever the internet policy is at the place where they access the internet and also in the use of those resources in the area of work; school; library; home; wireless and, any other location. In the modern hi-tech world, millions of citizens are exposed to private threats. Proper caution can only ensure safety and also there need to be more stringent laws for safeguarding the interests of internet users. ...
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