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Term Paper example - How To Build Your Own Computer

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Information Technology
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How to Build Your Own Computer No: Date: University: Abstract Custom built computers are essential in determining the usage of a person and to provide a user satisfaction. Hardware components that are used to build a PC must be selected according to use…

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For basic operation, minimum hardware configuration is required but for some special purposes hardware must be selected accordingly. This paper contains the procedure of building your computer according to one’s own requirement. How to Build Your Own Computer A personal computer is not only utilized to surf the internet or check email but it is vastly used for other purposes like creating different software, run various programs and for maintain office documents and collecting information. Software is incomplete without hardware and in computers processor is the brain and heart of the system. Some people use a personal computer to play various games. A personal computer contains many parts that help run the processor and perform other functions. Processor and some other hardware components are mounted on a motherboard. All the hardware components are interfaced but utilizing a motherboard. A simple computer has a central processing unit (CPU) also known as processor, a random access memory (RAM), hard disk drive (HDD), compact disk drives (CD ROM) and DVD ROMs. Keyboard, mouse, scanners, camera and microphone are the inputs whereas monitor, printer and speaker are the output devices of a computer (Kitchen Table Computer ,2004). ...
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