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Outline example - The Impact of Social Media on the Education Sector

Information Technology
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Impact of Social Media on the education Sector 1 IMPACT OF SOCIAL MEDIA ON THE EDUCATION SECTOR [Writer’s id] [Module title and number] [Submitted to] January 8th 2012 TABLE OF CONTENTS Executive Summary 3 Introduction 3 Education and Social Media 5 The Concept of Education 5 How Education Merges with Social Media 6 Collaboration is the Key Distance Learning via Social Media 9 Mobile Technology and Education via Social Media 10 Social Media and Education Based Marketing and Advertisement 12 Existing Social Media Resources for Education 15 Conclusions and Recommendations 16 References 18 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The present times are witnessing the bloom of Social Media as the mos…

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It highlights the importance associated with the functioning and challenges associated with the core area of research. INTRODUCTION Social media is characterized by extensive boundaries and revolutionizing features that should be adopted in order to pace up with the revolutionizing of the restructured human civilization. The boom of information and communications technology in the late twentieth century has sparked a never ending chain of change in the human society. The advent of things earlier unknown to man has emerged so as to govern the norms of the entire human race. Terminologies like web, social networks, web2.0 etcetera were unknown to man and not even in the wildest of their thoughts could our forefathers think that their children would be living in a world that would be completely dependent on high tech stuff. ...
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