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Wireless and Mobile Computing

Additionally, Turisco and Joanna, internet refers to a global network which provides information access, as well applications, by use of a Web navigator or browser. Three Data transfer Options Turisco and Joanna reveal that, today’s market is features three commonly utilized method of data transfer; they include: i) Wireless Local Area Network (Wireless LAN) ii) Wireless Web or Wireless Internet iii) “Hot syncing” or Data syncing. Although this approach is referenced as a method of wireless data transfer, it is not ideally a wireless method. Data syncing uses docking stations or docking cradles, connected to a LAN in order to support data transfer between the device and the organization’s information system. Wireless LAN Matthew Gast, in his volume Wireless LAN, the term wireless LAN refers to a flexible communications and system of data communications, used, additionally, to or in place of a wired-oriented LAN. Turisco and Joanna, further, explain that, while featuring the Radio Frequency (RF) technology, the technology of wireless LANs receive and transmit data through the air. ...
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According to the work, Wireless and Mobile Computing by Turisco and Joanna, the term wireless is the term used in computer networking and data communication, to refer to the underlying computer technology, which supports data transport between the mobile device of computing, and the main system computer without the implementation of a wired connection…
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