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File Management

This essay focuses on analyzing and describing of modern file management and it's systems that refers to the fundamental methods used in naming, storing and handling computer files. In many applications today, a file acts as a central element, with the exception of the real-time and other specialized applications where, virtually, all output is saved within a file to provide for long term storage for future use by either the user or other programs. The lifespan for the files is independent of any applications that use them for their input-output functions. Therefore, users must be in a position to create access, save and maintain the files content and integrity. These actions encompass the file management systems. A typical file management system, that is discussed in the essay comprises of system utility programs running as privileged applications. Files are manageable in different ways based on platform and the type of file manager. Despite there being different kinds of file managers, effective file management must entail proper organization, management and location of directories, files and folders. In summary, file manager enhances locating the files, organizing, storing and backing up files. In organizing the files, the applications are made easier to find through creation of the program file. It is suggested that the documents with same file extensions can be saved in their own folders to facilitate easier and quick retrieval. The user can create nested folders within the folders to prevent orphans and widows. ...
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This essay describes the file management that refers to the fundamental methods used in naming, storing and handling computer files. The researcher focuses on different types of file managers and how the file manager keeps all the records of the files stored in mass storages…
Author : kaylahgleichner

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