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Profit Implications of Malware - Annotated Bibliography Example

Author : makenzieruecker
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Course: Tutor: Date: Profit implications of malware Malware refers to any program or file that can harm a computer system. Despite the fact that there no standard categorization of malware, still they can be grouped based on their effects, behaviors and intentions (David A…

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Profit Implications of Malware

Viruses are small software programs that are designed to spread replicate from one computer to another (Karen Mercedes Goertzel). They are malicious as they interfere with the normal computer operations. A virus operates either by deleting or corrupting data. There are several categories of viruses these are macro virus, email virus, multi-variant virus and radio frequency virus. Macro viruses are viruses written in the macro scripting languages of word processing, accounting or editing applications. These viruses propagate by exploiting the macro language properties in order to transfer itself from the infected file containing the macro script to another file. The most popular victims are Microsoft office application. Because they are written in the code of the applications software, macro viruses are platform independent and can spread between Mac, Windows, Linux or any other targeted applications. Electronic mail viruses are those which are delivered via email transmission. This usually exploits email attachments as they can be executed immediately upon download (Karen Mercedes Goertzel). The multi-variant viruses are implemented with slight variations so that the anti-virus scanner cannot be able to detect the one of the variants. A computer worm refers to a self-replicating computer program. It relies on computer network to send copies of itself to other computers on the network in an automatic manner. ...
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